From the SONG LOFT Team


After many happy and enjoyable years at the Cock Hotel, we have decided to end our association with them due to certain restrictions being placed on us.


We are therefore moving our Venue to YORK HOUSE, on London Road. Our last evening at the Cock will be our Seasonal Bash on Friday 24th November, and our first evening at York House will be on Friday 5th January 2018.


The management at York House have been more than helpful in the transfer of our 2018 dates.  They do however, have some pre-booked events on some of our usual Fridays. This means that during the transitional period there will be some months where there will only be one Song Loft concert.  We will be updating you as usual when these occur.


 York House has three possible rooms available for our use, so our location within the venue will vary, certainly for the first 12 months.  Again we will inform you as to which room each event will take place in.

York House do not have a permanent bar (it is run by volunteers) however, the good news is there on evenings where no bar is provided there are no restrictions on bringing your own alcohol, so you may end up with a cheaper evening out by not paying pub prices. Another circumstance of moving is that York House need us to vacate the building by 11pm so we intend to bring our start time forward by 15 minutes meaning all events will start at 8:00pm and finish at 10:45pm.


Parking at York House may at times be limited by other events taking place,  The Hawkins Close car park is only a couple of hundred yards away and some street parking is available as well immediately outside the venue, York House is only a five minute walk from the High Street where there is additional parking.


We feel that this is a new beginning for the club and we look forward to welcoming an even greater range of artists than previously so we are really excited about the future of the Song Loft.


The team at York House are pleased to host The Song Loft and will be making every effort to make you comfortable.

We hope that our audiences will continue to support the Song Loft in our new venue, as they have done for the past 40 years.


“The Team”