B i o g r a p h y

The Song Loft would not have existed if it were not for Matt Armour who founded the club back in 1976. The first recorded night took place on 8th September 1977. The Song Loft started life as "Folk at the Crown", at the Crown, Market Square, Stony Stratford.


The first night was a singers night, and the first guests a fortnight later were a group from Leicestshire called

"Brandywine Bridge"


The club continued fortnightly at the Crown for the next 2 years , before moving to The Cock Hotel in the High Street, its present venue.


To coincide with the move the name was changed to "The Stony Stratford Folk Club" and later in October 1980 is was decided that a further name change would be beneficial, and the "The Song Loft " was born.


The Loft has continued in this guise on a fortnightly basis to the present day. Sadly in 2009 Matt passed away. The Song Loft is now jointly run by a team of dedicated people, namely:-


Jane Armour

Colin Turner

Bill and Barbara Reed

Matt Armour 1935 - 2009


Colin Turner 1942 - 2018

B i o g r a p h y

Colin's assistance to the club's founder Matt Armour was invaluable.  He was continuously giving Matt the support and backing needed to run The Song Loft over much of its 40 year history.


Matt would talk over any thoughts he had about booking both known and unknown artistes, and he would ask for Colin's advice and comments on a very regular basis, relying completely on his open and honest opinions.


Colin and Matt developed a very close working and professional relationship, which was bolstered by a deep friendship. After Matt passed on Colin continued the work, making a major contribution to running The Song Loft.

The club benefited from Colin's steadfast approach  to ensuring that everything went smoothly. From booking artists and arranging contracts, to setting up the room Colin was business like and calm.


Colin played a pivotal role in the club's recent move from the Cock Hotel, the club's  home for 38 years, to it's current location in York House thus keeping The Song Loft in Stony Stratford.

Colin was a magnificent friend of the club.